Title: Geologic Influences on the Hydrology of Lower Cienega Creek
Date: December 2003
Area: Cienega Creek
Purpose: Research
Information reported: Geologic maps for the Lower Cienega Creek area
Format: Text (MS Word), Maps (ArcView), Tables (MS Word)
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On-line availability: Geologic Influences on the Hydrology of Lower Cienega Creek (PDF 3.69 MB)
REPORT SUMMARY This study describes the geologic units, faulting, and relevance of these features to the hydrogeology of the region as well as investigates the relationship between vegetation coverage and the geology along lower Cienega Creek. Data sources include geologic mapping provided by the Arizona Geological Survey, aerial photography, surface flow observations, water quality studies, and modeling studies. A series of seven geologic maps are included at the end of this report.

Comparison of the recent geologic mapping with vegetation density inferred from aerial photographs and with streamflow extent observations provided a basis to evaluate the potential effects of bedrock geology on the water resources of Cienega Creek. The concept that bedrock highs restrict the alluvial basins, forcing subsurface waters to upwell, was supported by the findings of this project. The role of fault rocks in the hydrologic system was not conclusively determined through this investigation. The extent and density of vegetation around faults did not indicate that more, or less, water resources were available to plants in areas near fault zones.