Title: Contribution of Davidson Canyon to Base Flows in Cienega Creek
Date: November 2003
Area: Cienega Creek
Purpose: Research
Information reported: Stable isotope data for waters at the confluence of Davidson Canyon with Cienega Creek
Format: Text (MS Word), Maps (ArcView), Graphs and Tables (MS Excel and Word), Piper plots (hardcopy)
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On-line availability: Contribution of Davidson Canyon to Base Flows in Cienega Creek (PDF 292 KB)
REPORT SUMMARY The purpose of this study was to determine the relative contribution of Davidson Canyon to base flows in Cienega Creek at the Marsh Station Road bridge crossing. Davidson Canyon is a large tributary to Cienega Creek, entering roughly 1500 feet upstream of the Marsh Station bridge. An understanding of the effect that Davidson Canyon has on Cienega Creek’s base flows is important for the long-term management of the Cienega Creek preserve, particularly any management activities related to water quality protection and land use planning in the watershed.

Under base flow conditions, Davidson is usually dry at the surface where it meets Cienega Creek, but it is an intermittent stream with seasonally sustained base flows a few hundred feet upstream of the confluence. Estimates of Davidson Canyon’s relative contribution of base flows in Cienega Creek at Marsh Station Road between June 2002 and May 2003 range from 8% to 24%.