Title: Cienega Creek Stormflow Analysis
Date: November 2000
Area: Cienega Creek
Purpose: Research
Information reported: Analysis of mean daily flow, number and magnitude of flows over base, and annual peak flows recorded at Pantano Dam.
Format: Text (MS Word), Graphs and Tables(MS Excel)
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On-line availability: Cienega Creek Stormflow Analysis (HTML)
The purpose of this study was to determine if the frequency, volume, and seasonality of stormflows on Cienega Creek have changed over time. Three flow databases for the Pantano Gage (located near the end of perennial flow in Cienega Creek) were downloaded from the United States Geological Survey website. These databases were mean daily flow, flows over base, and annual peak flow. Statistical and graphical analyses were conducted on the datasets. 

Results from the study include: 1) Seasonal variations in Cienega Creek mean daily flow were typical of southwestern streams; 2) Summer mean daily flows were higher in the 1960's than they were in the 1990's, conversely winter mean daily flows were higher in 1990's than in the 1960's; 3) Summer mean daily flows in exceedance of arbitrary values were more common in the 1960's than in the 1990's, while similar winter flows were more common in the 1990's than the 1960's; 4) Winter flows occurred later in the season during the 1990's; 5) In the 1990's, Cienega Creek experienced fewer large-scale floods than in the 1960's; 6) Large-scale flood events in Cienega Creek occur mainly in the summer; 7) Size of annual peak flows was highly variable and no significant difference could be found between decades; 8) Seasonality of annual peak flows has not changed throughout the period of record.