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PAG Regional Council

The nine-member Regional Council is the governing body of Pima Association of Governments and meets monthly, typically at noon on the fourth Thursday of each month. The Regional Council takes action on policies, plans or reports that pertain to cross-jurisdictional issues on transportation, air quality, water quality, land use or human services.


PAG is the federally designated metropolitan planning organization, the designated lead agency for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for air quality and water quality, and the lead agency for regional solid waste planning.

PAG also is the fiscal manager of the Regional Transportation Authority.

2018 PAG Regional Council

2018 Members


Pima Association of Governments/Regional Transportation Authority
Farhad Moghimi, Executive Director

Joint Planning Advisory Council Membership

Pima Association of Governments is a member of the Joint Planning Advisory Council, a planning partnership for the Arizona Sun Corridor. Other members include Maricopa Association of Governments, Central Arizona Governments and the Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization. Partnering agencies include the Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization, Arizona-Mexico Commission, CANAMEX Corridor Coalition, Arizona Department of Transportation, AECOM, Arizona State Land Department, Morrison Institute for Public Policy and Arizona State University's North American Center for Transborder Studies.

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