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Do your share. Drive less. Carpool.
Add your name to Sun Rideshare’s free commuter matching database and join the sharing community to reduce traffic congestion and keep our air clean. Save money at the same time. Learn more>

Access timely traffic incidents
Information on regional traffic incidents as well as updates on active and upcoming construction projects are posted frequently at, an interactive  regional traveler online service managed by Pima Association of Governments. Access regional transportation news, commuter information and satellite weather updates.    More>

12/11/2018 11:00 AM PAG/RTA Transit Working Group
12/14/2018 9:30 AM Transportation Systems/RTA Safety
12/19/2018 9:00 AM PAG/RTA Transportation Planning
12/25/2018 8:00 AM Christmas Holiday
1/1/2019 8:00 AM New Year's Day
1/8/2019 11:00 AM PAG/RTA Transit Working Group
1/8/2019 11:00 AM Transportation Systems/RTA Safety
1/9/2019 9:30 AM Environmental Planning Committee

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