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Census 2020

A complete and accurate count for the 2020 Census helps ensure that our region has equitable government representation. It also helps determine the level of federal dollars that will be returned to our region from your tax dollars to fund various community programs.

To help make certain the population count is accurate, Pima Association of Governments will lead a 2020 Census Coalition and regional awareness campaign and will provide training to cities and towns in the PAG region.

An accurate population count will lead to increased federal funding that can be returned to the region to support social services, health care, transportation, workforce and other community programs.

More accurate census data also will guide community planning for such things as:

  • land use/housing/economic development
  • schools
  • transportation infrastructure
  • public safety, emergency services
  • health care services

For more information about Census 2020, visit

Your Community Is Counting on You (U.S. Census Bureau video)

Invest to make a difference

PAG is seeking financial support to conduct a Census 2020 Regional Awareness Campaign in 2019 and 2020. Please see the Sponsor Packages below for commitment levels and details.

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