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Southeast Area Arterial Study

The Southeast Area Arterial Study was undertaken by PAG in cooperation with the City of Tucson, Pima County, the Town of Sahuarita, and the Tucson Airport Authority to assist in developing a major streets and routes plan for the Study area which is generally bounded by I-19, I-10, SR 83, and the Santa Rita Experimental Range. The purpose of the Study was to identify a future roadway network that will serve this rapidly developing area so that appropriate rights-of-way can be reserved. The study began in March 2003 and was completed in summer 2006.

The scope of work included assessing growth forecasts and associated transportation needs, evaluating physical features and other conditions that will shape or influence future transportation system needs and infrastructure in the study area, preparing recommendations regarding the future development of an arterial transportation system in the study area, and a report of findings and recommendations. The study also targeted access needs to the developing freight & cargo handling activity at TIA and the City’s Puerto Nuevo area.

The study was approved by PAG's Regional Council in September 2006. Many of its recommndations are expected to be incorporated as needed into major streets and routes updates prepared by the governmental jurisdictions in the affected areas.

For more information contact Don Freeman, the PAG Project Manager at (520) 792-1093.



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