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Loop Study

The PAG Loop Road Study, completed in 2006, was initiated in late 2004 to evaluate the future need for development of high capacity corridors in the PAG region. For planning purposes, the study looked beyond the year 2030 to when the total population of the region will approach 2 million. This long-range forecast was necessary in order to identify and protect the corridors and rights-of-way that will be needed to service our future populations.

The study was conducted by the Tucson office of Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. and overseen by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consisting of representatives from each of the area local governments and other stakeholders such as the State Lands Department and Tucson Airport Authority.

The study objectives included an evaluation of several routes and corridors that have historically been discussed for future development as major, high capacity carriers. Feasibility was evaluated on the basis of need, physical and political constraints, and cost. In addition, the study included an evaluation of the importance of each corridor from a state highway perspective to determine the likelihood of securing state assistance for future state project development.

It is important to note that the corridors evaluated were highly general in nature and not specific alignments. No conclusions were made concerning future impacts on specific properties. More precise alignments which will actually locate any future roadways will require additional studies of a more detailed nature.

For more information, contact Don Freeman, project manager, at (520) 792-1093.

Working Papers

Working Paper #1 contains information about the study's outline and purpose, and a preliminary inventory of existing conditions.

Working Paper #2 contains an evaluation of developing each of the corridors as State Highways.

Working Paper #3 contains preliminary analysis and recommendations. 


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