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GIS Data and Maps

  1. Interactive Maps
  2. State Demographic Viewer
  3. Statewide Employer Viewer
  4. MAP-Making Action Possible for Southern Arizona
  5. Aerial Imagery (Orthophotography) Elevation Data Sets
  6. LiDAR - Light Detection and Ranging
  7. Maps and GIS Downloads
  8. Watershed Planning Maps
  9. Additional GIS Resources
  10. Origin of Arizona Counties
Pima Association of Governments' GIS program develops and produces data sets and maintains several GIS data layers and databases. The program provides GIS modeling, analysis and mapping for PAG programs and jurisdiction members. The program also manages the Regional Remote Sensing Program. Other GIS analysis and products include: database applications, custom maps, GIS analysis, demographic profiles and interactive mapping applications.

PAG produces customized maps ranging from simple location maps to complex GIS applications that use various database and data layers. GIS is used to support PAG's major program areas with planning applications, such as demographics, environment, land use and transportation. The mapping products are produced in hard copy formats and digital files such as pdfs and ESRI shapefiles.

Interactive Maps

View Pima Association of Governments' interactive maps containing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data for the Tucson metropolitan area. 

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State Demographic Viewer

The State Demographic Viewer Map is an interactive mapping and analysis site, showing selected populations and housing data for the state of Arizona.     

Data source: Census 2010 and American Community Survey (ACS) 2008-2012

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Statewide Employer Viewer

PAG collaborated with other metropolitan planning organizations and councils of government in Arizona in the development of an online tool that identifies employers with five or more employees. The new tool also identifies what types of businesses are here, how they are clustered geographically (e.g., the number of aerospace companies located in different parts of the region), and what aggregate levels of employment may be.

Detailed employment data is critical to regional transportation planning and decision making, as well as for business attraction and expansion efforts.

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MAP - Making Action Possible for Southern Arizona

The Making Action Possible for Southern Arizona MAP Dashboard is populated with 36 regional indicators in the following subject areas:

  • Economy
  • Education
  • Health & Social Well-Being
  • Infrastructure
  • Quality of Place
  • Workforce & Demographics
  • MAP Dashboard

Leading partners of the MAP Dashboard project include: the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, Southern Arizona Leadership Council and The University of Arizona.

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Aerial Imagery (Orthophotography) Elevation Data Sets

Since 1988, PAG has obtained orthophotos for eastern Pima County. The latest imagery was obtained in May 2015.

Information and elevation data may be ordered online

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LiDAR - Light Detection and Ranging

LiDAR is a remote sensing system used to collect elevation data. PAG's latest LiDAR data was obtained in February 2015. PAG has incorporated LiDAR data sets commencing with its 2005 aerial flight. Bare-Earth digital elevation models were also derived from the LiDAR data sets for PAG's 2008 Ortho Project. Classified LiDAR *.las files and Bare Earth DEM flies can be ordered online.

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Maps and GIS Downloads

This page contains several maps and GIS files available for download. These files are intended for general reference only, and are not intended for commercial use. Pima Association of Governments makes no claim as to their accuracy, and neither assumes nor will accept liability for their use. For questions or information, please contact


Administrative Boundaries


Land Use

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Watershed Planning Maps

The below maps were created by PAG's Watershed Planning staff:

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Additional GIS Resources

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Origin of Arizona Counties

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