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Pima Association of Governments supports the long-term environmental, economic and social vitality of our community by:

  • Coordinating regional planning efforts to integrate mobility, sustainability and livability
  • Serving as a resource for watershed and air quality planners
  • Coordinating partnership building among stakeholders in the region and state
  • Working with local governments, state and federal agencies, citizen and interest groups on a variety of issues including: water resource and quality issues, air quality, wildlife and habitat, invasive species, recycling and low impact development
  • Acting as the designated water quality planning agency under Section 208 of the Clean Water Act
  • Acting as the designated lead air quality planning organization in compliance with the Clean Air Act
  • Working to ensure proper planning of wastewater treatment facilities throughout the region and assists local municipalities with stormwater regulatory compliance
  • Assessing regional air pollution through air quality modeling that also provides input into PAG’s 5-year transportation improvement program (TIP) and the long-range regional transportation plan (RTP)
  • Researching and quantifying the levels of air pollutants and greenhouse gases in the region
  • Promoting alternative transportation to improve air quality and traffic congestion
  • Promoting alternative fuel vehicles to support economic, environmental and energy security
  • Supporting associated CPBS non-proft programs, including: solar, buffelgrass, pharmaceutical disposal, and watershed restoration



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