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Sun Rideshare

Sun Rideshare, a regional commuter assistance program of Pima Association of Governments, offers transportation alternatives essential to the region’s seamless transit system.

Sun Rideshare provides services that make alternative transportation, such as carpooling, vanpooling, mass transit, biking, and walking more affordable, accessible and convenient.

The Sun Rideshare online Travel Database provides quick information and helps you find the best transportation option for your daily commute or trips to other destinations.

Choosing an alternative mode of transportation has never been easier and provides many benefits for you and your community: cost and time savings, reduced congestion, improved air quality, and less dependence on foreign oil.




Try an alternative mode and win

Everyone can use a little reward now and again. You can become eligible to earn Sun Rideshare rewards by simply using an alternative form of transportation to work or other destinations.

The monthly Sun Rideshare 2017 Rewards Program is brought to you in partnership with Walgreens. Participants will be eligible to earn Walgreens gift cards, ranging from $25 to $100.

To qualify, participants must log their alternative mode trips in the Sun Rideshare Travel Calendar.  Each one-way trip logged earns one point.  All commute trips and personal trips earn points. Participants qualify for the prize drawing by earning the minimum number of points*, trips or pounds of reduced pollution specified each month. Points will not be cumulative as in previous years. You can only win once.

You can go back 60 days to log trips, but future trips cannot be entered. Contest rules change each month.

March Rewards Contest

  • $50 Walgreens Gift Cards (7)
  • Earn 12 points to be eligible to win

Car Free Day - March 22, 2017

  • Be eligible to win a $50 Walgreens Gift Card when you log just one trip

February Rewards Winners

$100 – Yamei Chang, Metropia, carpooler

$100 – Audrey Dominguez, Raytheon, carpooler

$25 – Mary Black, U of A, biker

$25 – Robert Cline, Pima County, transit

$25 – Tony Madrid, Tucson Airport Authority, carpooler

$25 – David Peckarsky, Modular Mining Systems, carpooler and biker

$25 – Ezra Roati, Lanning Architecture, biker

$25 – Erika Roush, retired, biker

Car Free Day Winner - David Wunder, Indian Health Services, vanpooler

Register with the Sun Rideshare Travel Database now to find a carpool partner or vanpool group and to start earning points.

View the Sun Rideshare Travel Database Tutorial to learn how to enter your information and more about the benefits of participating in the free Sun Rideshare program.

Do Zombies Carpool? Infomercial

Learn more about ridesharing in Sun Rideshare's infomercial called, "Do Zombies Carpool?" Discover how you can drive less, and if zombies really do carpool.

February 2017 Mega Users

Sun Rideshare Rewards Program participants for who achieve various levels of alternative mode usage will be recognized on the Sun Rideshare website and Facebook page each month. 

  • Gold Alternative Mode Users:  50+ trips per month
  • Silver Alternative Mode Users:  40 to 49 trips per month
  • Bronze Alternative Mode Users:  30 to 39 trips per month








Diego Rodriguez, Integrated Magnetics
Debbi Wainwright, Pima County Martha Cooper Library
Elaine Troy, Home
Theresa Stanley, Pima Community College - Downtown Campus
Thomas Mouch, Raytheon Missile Systems - Airport
Tori Stypula, Pima County Downtown
Ty Pessin, Pima County Downtown
Wendy Davenport, Pima County Attorney's Office
Jamee Easton, Pima County Public Fiduciary
Jeffrey Olsen, US Southern AZ Va Health Care System
Arica Ryersbach, Pima County Himmel Branch Library
Bryan Wilson, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Laura Marquez, University of Arizona Students
Bob Davenport, Arizona St Dept of Public Safety
Melissa Rios, Pima County Downtown
Katherine Beckwith, Pima County Public Library Downtown
Hillary Mathis, Breault Research Organization
Brian Jones, Pima County Downtown
David Mayhew, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Lou Dickens, IBM
Lisa Marshall, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Pascal Mickelson, PM&AM Research
Melina Lew, FreshCutGrass Branding+Design
Valerie Chandler, Pima County Downtown
Deborah Darthard, Amphi District Warehouse
Lindsey Wilhelm, Madden Media
Madeleine deBlois, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff








Dal Hodges, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Francisco Leyva, CO Tucson Downtown
Joyce Liska,
Nicholas Scherer, CO Tucson Downtown
Carolina Karjanis, Sargent Controls & Aerospace
Kurt Nielsen, Universal TranWare
Carol Rollins, Banner - University Medical Center Tucson
Marian Schiltz, Tucson Jewish Community Center
Mary Scanlan, Pima County
Craig Boeswetter, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Deborah Mason, US Census Bureau
Benjamin Matiella, Pima County Himmel Branch Library
Art Dulgov, US Federal Bureau of Prisons
Karl Morin, Chamberlain Group Inc
Jesse Minor, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Stephanie Springer, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Touhid Ahamed, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Jim Femling, CO Tucson General Services
Christopher Hall, Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
Kenneth Lenger, Universal Avionics
Danny Lesandrini, Pima County Attorney's Office
Sheila Ramon, Pima County Adult Probabtion
Britton Watson, Pima County Assessor Office








John Danloe, Pima County Downtown
Katalin Scherer, BUMC-South
Kara Thaumaturge, CO Tucson Parks & Rec
Robert Bennett, Pima County Attorney's Office
Robert Cline, Pima County Downtown
Josephine Curylo, US Correctional Complex
Bruce Dawson, Pima County Downtown
Denise Jacobs, Sargent Controls & Aerospace
Kandi Karuza, Pima County Downtown
Angela Kincaid, Pima County Health Department
Francis LaSala, CO Tucson General Services
Boyang Li, Metropia Inc
Jenn Myers, CO Tucson Downtown
Scott Porter, Bank of America Stone
Jennifer Schilling, AmeriCorps
Carolyn Swanson, Pima County Downtown
Janice Wagner, Pima County Downtown
Michelle Whitehead, Pima County Downtown
Charles Wommack, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
David Peckarsky, Modular Mining Systems
Katherine Simmons, Pima County Downtown
Steven Adger, TEAM Resources
Marinda Cox, Pima County Downtown
Laura DeWein, Supply One
Robert Kerr, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Annette Madrigal, Ascent Aviation Services Corp
Katarina Monteverde, Pima County Downtown
Joanne Owens, CO Tucson Downtown
Karen Rivera, Parkinson Wellness Recovery
Bernadette Russell, Pima County Downtown
Tracey Sellers, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Steve Adams, Pima County Downtown
Lisa Creager, Pima County Downtown
Carrie Lowery, Pima County Downtown
Melanie Brady, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Roger Brown, Tucson Electric Power Downtown
Donald Burton, Bank of America Stone
Joy Caron, University of Arizona Services Bldg
Marion Chandler, Pima County Downtown
Laurie Cottrell, Pima County Downtown
Jason Douglas, US Fish and Wildlife Services
Lisa Falk, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Mark Holden, Pima County Downtown
Ann Hoover, Pima County Downtown
Robert Jacobs, Pima County Downtown
Elizabeth Kamerer, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Amy Katzenmeyer, Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation
Harry Lewis, Pima County Downtown
Diane Link, CO Tucson Downtown
Ann Neuman, Pima County Downtown
Lori Olson, US Southern AZ Va Health Care System
Gabriela Porfirio, Pima County Downtown
Naomi Romano, Pima County Downtown
Paul Scarce, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Nathan Schott, Arizona St Main Complex W Congress
Lisa Stage, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Kurt Stemm, Pima County
Chris Stevens, Pima County Jail
Michelle Weaver, Pima County Downtown
David Bartos, Pima County Waste WaterTrmt Plant Ina Rd
Kathleen Chavez, Pima County Downtown
Susan Gould, Pima County Downtown
Tina Guillen, Pima County Downtown
Perlana Howard, University of Arizona Arthritis Center
Lori Nance, Pima County Superior Court
Ellyn Wickliffe, US Correctional Complex
Jack Avis, Pima County Downtown
Arnold Benitez, US 162d WG, Arizona Air National Guard
Shelley Bernstein, University of Arizona
Laura Bracamonte, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Nancy Cohn, Miller Pitt
Bonnie Goble, Pima County Downtown
Zhanna Helwig, Snell & Wilmer
Chuo Holliday, Pima County Downtown
Kenneth McDonald, Pima County Downtown
Evangelina Paredes, Pima County Downtown
Terry Patrick, Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
Philip Rasmussen, Banner - University Medical Center Tucson
James Rossi, CO Tucson Downtown
Terri Sexton, Pima County Public Defenders Office
Steven Singkofer, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Greg Trainor, Raytheon Missile Systems - Airport
Lisa Volkening, TUSD University High School
Andrew Waegli, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Scott Weisman, Banner - University Medical Center Tucson
David Wunder, Tohono O'Odham Nation Health Care
Jacqueline Yabeny-Bahe, University of Arizona Main Campus Staff
Sharon Goldwasser, Desert Sky Middle School
Carol Johnson, Pima County Downtown
Kat Manton-Jones, PCC -District Office
Lito Caguioa, Raytheon Missile Systems - Airport
Dan Fleming, Pima County Fleet Services
Jacquelyn Hernandez, CO Tucson Downtown
Kevin Koegel, Pima County Juvenile Courts
Joyce Lanier, Pima County Attorney's Office
Krisanne LoGalbo, Pima County Superior Court
Robert McKee, Tucson Airport Authority
Andy Monteverde, Pima County Sheriff Department
Davita Mueller, Sun Tran Professional Transit Mgmt of Tucsos
Jesse Nino, US Southern AZ Va Health Care System
Kelly Payne,
Frederick Ronstadt, FAMA
Tracy Wheeler, Pima County Downtown



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