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Sun Rideshare News | Fall 2017

Move the needle: 6 small steps to reduce traffic congestion

You don't have to go big or go home to make a difference in the world. Sometimes change starts small. If you are ready to change your impact on our region’s air quality and all the things air quality affects—from your health to our region’s economic vitality—consider trying at least one of these steps to move that needle.

How YOU can move the needle*

How EMPLOYERS can move the needle

  1. Participate in Car Free Day each month by biking, walking or taking transit to work. This month’s Car Free Day is on Wednesday, Oct. 18.

  2. New to transit? Try riding the bus on a non-workday to get familiar with the routes, fares and how to ride.

  3. When you have off-site meetings, carpool with colleagues who are also attending.

  1. Provide shade/shelter and easy access to drinking water where your company’s transit riders wait for the bus.

  2. Designate some front-row parking spaces for carpoolers in your company lot.

  3. Offer incentives for employees to try a new transportation mode, such as Try Transit Tuesday, with a simple reward of your choosing.

 ​*If you are not already registered, visit to sign up and start earning rewards today!
Sun's a service for everyone!
Have you ever used the Sun Shuttle neighborhood transit service? Did you think it was only for certain qualifying riders? Or that it called for membership, reservations or a super-secret handshake? Think again! Sun Shuttle is for everyone in the communities it serves and can deliver you to destinations throughout Pima County. 

As the holidays approach, consider it your ticket to less stress when shopping, because riding Sun Shuttle can help you measurably save money on gas and other vehicle expenses while getting you to shopping hubs—such as Oracle Crossing, the Tucson Mall or Arizona Pavilions—to stock up on gifts. No worrying about battling for a parking space, and the ride costs a modest fare ranging from 60 cents to three dollars. (Kids younger than five ride for free with a paying passenger.)

The Sun Shuttle fixed-route system consists of 10 routes connecting the Tucson urbanized area to neighborhoods in Marana, Oro Valley, Catalina, Sahuarita, Green Valley, San Xavier, Tucson Estates, Civano and Rita Ranch, and in western Pima County, to Ajo and communities along the way. And Sun Shuttle Route 486 now offers a new connection to the Greyhound Terminal located just south of Broadway on Euclid. All routes connect directly to a transit center or are coordinated with Sun Tran routes. Just hop on and hop off at designated stops using your SunGo pass or a single fare like you would on a big city bus. 

More than half of all Sun Shuttle routes include what’s called “flag stop” service along portions of their routes. This means passengers can board at their preferred location by simply waiting a safe distance from the street and waving down an approaching Sun Shuttle driver.

Sun Shuttle also provides dial-a-ride service for the general public traveling in Oro Valley or the Green Valley/Sahuarita area. Call (520) 229-4990 for Oro Valley dial-a-ride or (520) 792-9222 for Green Valley/Sahuarita dial-a-ride. To see dial-a-ride fares, schedule and service area, visit

See? No secret handshake needed! Hop online to see if there is a Sun Shuttle route near you or the places you like to shop, eat or play.

Sun Shuttle is funded by the Regional Transportation Authority. Use the GoTucson mobile ticketing app to purchase SunGo passes and single fares right through your smartphone. The app is accepted for payment on Sun Tran, Sun Link, and Sun Shuttle (not including Route 486 or Ajo, Oro Valley or Green Valley/Sahuarita Dial-a-Ride services).


Commuter/TC spotlight: Erika Bosley




Erika Bosley used to commute by car. It wasn’t for lack of willingness to try something else. She just didn’t have another viable transportation option at her job in Maryland. So, when she took a position as a budget and accounting officer for the Federal Correctional Complex in Tucson 18 months ago, Bosley didn’t hesitate to join its partially subsidized vanpool. She says that traveling to work by vanpool adds about 15 minutes to what would be a 30-minute commute by car. But it also saves her about $160 every month, or nearly $3,000 over the span of her 18 months in the vanpool. 

While the savings are her favorite part, Bosley has also come to enjoy the ride. “I vanpool with my coworkers,” she says. “We use the time to talk about work issues but also to socialize. I do nap occasionally on the way home, too.”
Bosley also serves as the correctional complex’s transportation coordinator, and her enthusiasm for vanpooling makes her a great fit for the role. She practices what she preaches and can attest to the benefits. “Any time the subject of vanpooling comes up, I let people know that I’m very happy to have that option. I stress that I not only save money, but I also save wear and tear on my car.”
To learn more about vanpooling options and potential subsidies available, contact your organization’s transportation coordinator or human resources director, or contact Genine Sullivan, TRP Outreach Coordinator at Pima Association of Governments.
Do your share. Drive less. Carpool.
Want a cheaper, less stressful way to get to and from work? Get matched for a carpool. Share the ride twice a month, once a week, every day—you decide when, how often and with whom. Your willingness to share the ride will support reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality. We make it a snap to sign up, check for carpool matches and earn rewards for logging carpool trips. The more people who sign up, the more options everyone has for finding the perfect carpool buddies. Take 90 seconds to find out how to join the sharing community and start saving by watching this video. And don't forget to share it with your friends and family to grow the carpooling community.
TC Tip: Work some ZIP code magic
Pima Association of Governments' Travel Reduction Program (TRP) annual survey generates, among other things, a birds-eye view of where your company’s employees live according to ZIP code. The greater the employee participation rate, the more useful the data to understand regional mobility trends and needs. Imagine viewing clusters of your company's employees and employees from nearby TRP companies; regardless of employer, employees driving to and from the same area means rideshare opportunities. We will work with you and your organization to find commuter overlap opportunities with neighboring TRP companies. We can use density maps to quickly identify potential carpooling and vanpooling hotspots that benefit business work centers. Remember, ridesharing is a way to reduce more than air pollution. It also reduces worker stress, fatigue, attrition and other bottom-line-bruising impacts that can come with long commutes. For more information, contact Genine Sullivan, TRP Outreach Coordinator at Pima Association of Governments.
Earn a day at the YMCA
Sun Rideshare is partnering with the YMCA of Southern Arizona to encourage active-mode commuting—biking, walking and running—recognizing that the health of our community benefits from it, from heart health to better air quality. Know someone who hasn’t registered with Sun Rideshare to log their active-mode trips? Put a bug in their ear about the chance to get a one-day YMCA pass and earn other great rewards by signing up and using the service. Biking to the football game? Log it. Walking to the movies? Log it. Every active-mode trip counts! 

Three ways to win!

Sun Rideshare is also partnering with Walgreens to offer three great ways for participants in the Sun Rideshare program to earn rewards for taking part in the program:

1. Refer a friend

Refer a friend to the Sun Rideshare program to be eligible to win a $25 Walgreens gift card. The more friends you refer, the more chances you have to win. 




2. Log your alt-mode trips

Log your alt-mode trips monthly at, and earn one point per trip. Meet the month’s point goal, and you’ll be eligible for our monthly Walgreens gift card drawing. View recent Sun Rideshare Rewards winners here. View recent Mega Users here.

Limit of one reward gift card per person per year.




3. Participate in Car Free Day

Participate in Car Free Day on Wednesday, Oct. 18, to be entered into a drawing to earn a $50 Walgreens gift card. Register at and log your trip to be eligible.




TRP Employer Awards

For recent Gold, Silver and Bronze employer awards from Pima Assocation of Governments (for achieving one, two or three Travel Reduction Program goals, respectively), click here.

Silver Award Graphic  Gold Award Graphic   


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