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PAG/RTA Committees


Pima Association of Governments is governed by a nine-member Regional Council. Various committees, subcommittees and working groups assist in the planning process and make recommendations that ultimately are presented to the Regional Council for final decision making.

The Regional Transportation Authority Board includes representatives from eight jurisdictions and the Arizona State Department of Transportation. The jurisdictions include: TucsonPima CountyMaranaOro ValleyPascua Yaqui TribeSahuaritaSouth Tucson and Tohono O’odham Nation

Committees include representation from the member jurisdictions. Subcommittees or working groups may include other agency members or members of the public. PAG staff provides support for each of the committees or working groups. These meetings are open to the public and posted on the PAG and RTA calendars. 

Governing Bodies
PAG Regional Council
Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Board

Policy Advisory Committees
Management Committee
RTA Technical Management Committee

Citizen Oversight Committee
RTA CART Committee

Standing Technical Committees
PAG/RTA Transportation Planning Committee (TPC)
Environmental Planning Advisory Committee (EPAC)
Economic Vitality Advisory Committee (EVAC)

Adhoc Technical Subcommittees
PAG/RTA Transportation Improvement Program Subcommittee (TIP)
PAG/RTA Transportation Systems and Safety Subcommittee
Social Services Planning Subcommittee
Population Techical Subcommittee
Air Quality Subcommittee
Watershed Planning Subcommitee

Other - Subcommittees, Task Forces, Working Groups, Coalitions
Bicycle Pedestrian Subcommittee
Clean Cities Coalition
Solar Partnership
Stormwater Management Working Group
Transit Working Group
Travel Reduction Program (TRP) Regional Task Force
Transportation Enhancement Task Force


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