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Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) request for Road Safety Assessments (RSAs)

Pima Association of Governments (PAG) seeks Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) from qualified professional firms or individuals, either singly or through a joint venture with others, to provide professional services in the area of Road Safety Assessments (RSAs) to form an On-Call list of consultants. The RSA Program will be managed by the PAG.

Questions regarding this Statement of Qualifications are to be submitted to PAG in writing by e-mail or fax to the attention of Teresa Ruiz at (520) 620-6981 (fax), or by email at: Questions will be accepted until 2:00 P.M. (local time) on August 15, 2018.  Firms or individuals are encouraged to submit their questions as early as possible to allow PAG adequate time to prepare accurate and comprehensive responses. It is the responsibility of potential candidates to monitor the Web postings to ensure they have all up-to-date information on the RFQ requirements.

All statements must be received by PAG on or before 3:00 P.M., August 30, 2018.  Statements will be opened at 3:00 p.m. PAG reserves the right to disqualify any and all statements, which are not in accordance with the prescribed requirements of this SOQ.

In order to expedite the delivery of consultant services, PAG will select an On-Call list of qualified consultants to participate in the RSA Program. The intent of this program is to enable PAG staff to augment existing resources by forming a pool of qualified consultants to provide specialized services that are required for executing tasks and projects in the identified areas.

Additional Contact Information

Teresa Ruiz
Pima Association of Governments
1 E Broadway Blvd, Suite 401
Tucson, AZ 85701

Phone: (520) 792-1093
Fax: (520) 620-6981

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